Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Businesses Are Online


Australian lifestyle is easy and no hassle at all. In terms of businesses in the country, based on my daily encounters, most of the shops and anything you want to look for you can search it online. Even from very small local shop has its own website, though it is a very thing for businesses to give ease  access to customers. Not only businesses but also government and non government agencies. Online studies also are available if you want to study from home, if you need directions you can go online, if you want to go for a holiday you can look up online to check out the place you want to go. If you want to buy a plane ticket and cannot be bothered going out for a drive then you can do it online too. How easy life could be? I would say almost everything that Google will answer and look it up for you. In other way, I would say it is really an advantage and one of the assets of a well developed country. I cant help but think about my home country Philippines. Though some institutions in the Philippines have their own website, maybe some cannot be bothered putting up a website because usually not all customers have access to internet. Some are used to buy and shop personally itself at the same time strolling around the city, in addition not all Filipino citizens uses card as mode of payment but cash and change. I have an experienced before, I tried to look for a furniture shop online in the Philippines, you can hardly find some. There are some that are on Facebook but
the modes of payment is not trustworthy enough to transact online in the Philippines. Good thing about it is that, the bank I am saving in had its website so I can still track my account through their website even if I am not there, which is a good thing. I heard of some expats building websites on Philippine businesses which is good, at least upgrades online market in the Philippines. I am just hoping that one day some of the business institutions and especially  government agencies will give a way so people can have an ease of access too.

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