Sunday, December 22, 2013

Buckingham Palace and the Island of Guimaras

Guimaras Island is known and one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines. Located in the Gulf of Panay the island rests between Panay Island and Negros. Situated 622 kilometers south of Manila and 137 kilometers west of Cebu the island is easy to access. Getting there is easy as the city of Iliolo is just across the waters and retains a large airport to fly into. Upon landing find your way to the Ortiz Wharf where the ferry will take you to Jordan, the largest town in Guimaras Island.

Guimaras Island is famous for having the sweetest mangos in the entire world. They are so good in fact that Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom and the White House in the United States serves them to their highest leaders. Guimaras has over 8,500 hectares of mango groves so the supplies are endless. Visit the Trappist Monastery where the monks make their living off of mango products. Stop by their store located on the grounds of the monastery and purchase jams, syrups, dried and even fresh mangos of the day.

Guimaras Island is a perfect spot for those into relaxing the days away on the white sand beaches of the Philippine. The waters around Guimaras are crystal clear with stunning lagoons and beautiful bays hugging the coastline around the shores. Many spots are excellent for snorkeling and there are several spots for diving as well.

Make your way to Guisi Point where a century old lighthouse and early keepers house lie in ruins. The stone structures are a beautiful setting with an overview that will take your breath away. While here be sure to bring along a camera as the picture opportunities are endless. After your lighthouse tour make way to the Guisi Clearwater Resort. This beautiful seaside resort has unique rock formations that jut from the water’s edge. This picturesque region is a haven for kayakers as the area has hidden coves and spaces between the cliffs.

From Turtle Island to the Ave Maria Islet the island hopping tours are endless. Get a ride to the famous Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center where fish are studied and not farmed. Find your way to Natago Beach, an isolated white sand wonder with a stunning cove that is amazing. Natago is a Tagalog word meaning “hidden” and this hidden wonder is simply breathtaking. Other unique destinations include Baras Beach and Cave. This unique craven is small but the boats can maneuver inside for a great photo op for your vacation.

Guimaras Island has so much to offer on your next trip to the Philippines that there is no way you could possibly pass this island up. From little hidden gems to stunning beaches that mimic that of Boracay the island of Guimaras is here waiting for you. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Is Approaching

The countdown begins before Christmas. Everyone is busy buying presents , shopping and planning ahead for holidays. Since the month of December starts, party celebrations are everywhere, either work, friends and families. I will still truly missed how we celebrated this yuletide season in my country Philippines. I can still remember when I was a kid, it is my most favourite time of the year because I get a lot of presents. I cant help but compare how people celebrate from different country. Here in Australia it is  the best time to shop because mostly every store has its special or what they call ''Sale'' or you can get big discounts. But you need to be early though because you will end up consuming the whole day just looking for a parking. Most parking lots are all occupied so the earlier the better. Another tip is that look online on which stores had the most discounts so you will know where you going because you will  be expecting a very heavy traffic in this season.
In Australia, there is what they called "Boxing Day", there is no boxing event on this day though, but it is traditionally the day after Christmas Day. It is also considered as public holiday and usually being observed on Commonwealth countries. It is also known as shopping holiday where shops offer dramatic price reductions, expect  for long queues though. Anywhere you are as long as your family is happy and safe it is the most important thing, wether or not received presents or not, others say its better to give than to receive. Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pagudpud a Philippines Sanctuary For Fun In The Sun

Pagudpud is a coastal resort town in the province of Illocos del Norte. Pagudpud lies in the northern most part of the Philippines and on a clear day one can see the famous Batanes Islands. Located 560 kilometers north of Manila it is the northernmost settlement in all of Luzon. Accessible by bus or car from Manila can easily take 10 to 12 hours. Taking a flight from Manila to Laoang City in Illocos takes only 45 minutes and is an hour ride to Pagudpud.

The beaches of Pagudpud are famous throughout the lands. The Blue Lagoon is a hot spot and a must see for this secluded beach which is located in the Maria-Ira Point just before entering the viaduct. Try also the Saud Beach which is the most popular beach in the area. Saud Beach is a long beach with many resorts, cabanas and palms to shade the sunny days away.

The Patapat National Park is located along the sheer coastal mountains in Pagudpud. Consisting of 3,800 hectares with an additional buffer zone of 1,937 hectares this national park is a protected area for future generations to visit. With hiking and climbing the park is a paradise for those looking to enjoy the wild side of life.

The Patapat viaduct is an extension of the Pan-Philippines Highway system which travels along the sheer cliffs of the region. The 4th longest bridge in all of the Philippines it is the pathway to the Cordillera Mountain Ranges. Pasaleng Bay near the viaduct is the beginning of wide pristine beaches as well as outstanding waterfalls. While in this area north of Pagupud visit the Kabigan Falls which is encased by thick heavy forests. The 30 minute trek to the falls along with a 20 peso entrance fee it is worth the trip with its scenic area and large concaved basin. While within Kabigan Falls area visit one of many cool springs within the dense forest.

Pagupud is a top destination for kite-surfing. Those that like to watch kite-surfing are always welcome and those that want to learn can do so in the many shops along the water's edge. For anyone wanting to take a motorized tour of the area 4 wheelers are available to rent at Hannah's Beach Resort. Though many beach resorts are part of this region, Pagupud is a place known for the locals to take in vacationers for a nominal fee (often only 250 to 500 peso). For those into zip lines the Philippines longest open air zip line is in Pagupud. No matter what you have in mind, somewhere in, on or around Pagupud it can be done.

From serene beauty, to the endless mountain ranges of Pagupud this region is a place to take a much needed break from the norm. During the high summer season this area explodes with vacationers alike. Come see why so many return to Pagupud as this region of the Philippines is a land touched by the heaven's above.