Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good food, poor customer service

A cold evening, last night it just made us decide to go and dine out. After searching on wheres the best place to go, we end up in a restaurant called Overlander, just  20 minutes away from home and is located in city proper of Shepparton. Together we went there with the twins and my husband, well we call it as our family date. The place was quite when we get there, had a couple of televisions and merely about 3 customers dining in. The time we ordered the food, the service was fast, we did'nt wait long before our order has been served. A big plate has been served with plenty of foods in it, I was wondering how I gonna finished all that, lucky my husband bill helped me. Oh! I just love the food and it made me so stuffed. I had mix grill that includes, egg, beff, patties, sausage, with chips and gravy. It was really delicious, very good for the cold weather. Enjoying the food while waiting for the rain to stop. 
 When we finished, a lady waiter came, she looked at my plate , looked at me and guess what she asked to me. ( Did you finished all that?) . To my surprised, I thought thats not a good question to ask to your customer, its kinda rude. It made my eyebrows up and was thinking, I nearly replied to her to mind her own business, well I paid for it. It does'nt matter if I finished it all or not. ( My husband helped with that though) . The woman's line really ruined my night, I love their food, but their staff needs customer service training. That really discouraged me to come back again. I was satisfied by the food but instead of saying " Thank you come again" I heard different thing so I dont care, Im not going back in there.