Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loving Tagum City

For those that have not yet travelled to Mindanao in the Philippines. Do it! There is so much natural beauty that it is outstanding. The people of Mindanao are so friendly. One of the up and coming cities is Tagum City, which is about two hours away from Davao City.

The city has a new city hall. It inspires business and is very clean and over the last few years the mayor has followed te lead of the Davao City and cleaned up the pockets of crime that caused Tagum City so many problems.

There are some great natural places to see too.


Tancuan in Bincungan, Tagum City seems like to be so elusive from the public. Not until recently when the Local Government of Tagum had embarked on a noble project of establishing a wetland reserve in this progressive southern city known for its best governance practices, palms and grand festivals. The once elusive Tancuan as well as the gentle waters of Nabintad River is now Tagum City's newest attraction.

The Tagum City River Cruise was formally launched in 2011 with high hopes of revitalizing the people's interest in safeguarding the mangroves and showcasing nature inside the wetlands of the city. Staring at Punong Restaurant which is the official jump-off point for the 8.8-kilometer river cruise that will run for almost two hours. Along the way, be amazed with the wide varieties of mangrove trees as well of its unique roots. The sight of fisherfolks and children swimming along the way is also a sight to behold.  Stop by at the Kagan Village, a Muslim community in Barangay Liboganon that is brimming with culture and history. There, you can buy Muslim Handicrafts and taste its yummy delicacies. In Maningo Farm,  one of the stopovers of the 8-kilometer cruise, your group can savor sumptuous lunch with its famous soft-shelled crabs.

A floating tiange is the place to look forward to by souvenir-hunters. There, one can buy packed goodies which include tropical fruits in season, tasty delicacies and handicrafts. The River Cruise experience would not be complete without preserving the memory in your digital cameras or in mobile phones which are important so that you can upload it right away in facebook or perhaps print a postcard and encourage your friends to experience the river cruise, TagumeƱo style. Under the shades of the century-old mangroves, a boardwalk was constructed for people to have a closer look at those trees and be relaxed by the warmth it gives.

To try the Tagum City River Cruise, contact the City Information Office of Tagum or the City Tourism Office or visit for more information

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wanting to fly to CDO?

If you want to fly to Cayagan or De Oro use the new airport I have spoken about before. The airport is called Laguindingan International Airport and is between both Cayagan De Oro and Iligan City. Although most reports so far are not that favourable as the traffic to get into CDO is taking longer and as for Iligan it takes an hour plus by Taxi. If you can get a taxi.

How do you get to the airport?

From Manila you travel via Cebu Pacific from the new terminal that carries all Cebu Pacific flights.
Here are the flight details at the time of writing.

Don’t forget that the Manila airport terminal fee is included in the ticket cost, but the Laguingan is a p200 cost payable at the terminal.

You can also get to Laguindingan from Davao City which is also on the Island of Mindanao. Further down the Island you can fly into Laguindingan from Zamboanga

Enjoy the Philippines

A great reason to come to the Philippines

Friday, August 16, 2013

Laguindingan International Airport

Laguindingan International Airport is located between the Northern Mindanao towns of Iligan and CDO. Mindanao is the tropical beauty of the Philippines and has many large towns, but the Northern area was serviced by a small airport that only really helped those visiting CDO.
The airport is situated so close to the sea along the coast of Misamis Oriental. The first thing you notice is that the airport is so near the sea and at one point from my seat I could only see the sea and was getting worried where exactly we were landing.
See the full article here

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

News From The Philippines

China still pushing its weight around, we once had the opportunity when the US had its bases stationed here in the Philippines, and they were ousted, for what ever reasons, be it corruption, payouts the then government or money people wanted to lay there pockets, this was a silly move as territorial issues have and are still flourishing over land and boundaries since the presence of the US base was dwindling.
Full article at Filipino Australian Journal

Friday, August 9, 2013

Philippines to Australia for Love!!

What a Filipina Thinks of Aussie Food

Aussie Foods!!

I’m scared i will end up having hairy chest,because since i lived here in Australia I havent eaten that much spaghetti in my life.Thats what my husband said,that too much spaghetti puts hair on your chest,lol! Spaghetti is one of main dish in the family,though my husband is Greek blood,he was born and acquired Australian tradition.After couple of months here,i would say i really missed eating Filipino foods,especially lechon.When i was still in the Philippines.

Full article at Filipino Australian Journal   

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A wedding objected by everyone..
If your reading this article, you may have your opinion and thoughts at the end based on your point of view and judgement. I was watching a show in local tv pwogram with this featured topic where makes me interested to follow. An Australian guy, 87 years of age was engaged to a Filipina the time they first met. Straight away if you ask? YES. This is how their love story goes , they were introduced by  a friend at the coffee shop, i would say they may have love at first sight, in which i dont know, maybe yes. That day they laid upon each others eyes is where they get engaged too, the man proposed to the woman the same day. But Don and his bride-to-be said that their love is for real. Now the conflict begins, when this old guy has circles of friends who said to be concerned about him that he was being taken advantage or scammed by the Filipina woman, the said friends had spied everything he did with her fiance from shopping, withdrawing money from bank, eating out and every transactions they went to. The trouble kicks in when the man's circle of friends found out that he already made a will of testament that all his money and properties will be given to the Filipina girlfriend. Now this friends reported to this tv program who tackles current affairs, controversies and issues all about how they disagreed and showed concern to the guy. they reported so far that the woman moved to the man's house and brought a couple with her . So there it goes, the couple were interviewed by the program media reporters. The 87 years old man was saying he loves the woman and he will marry her whatever it takes on his 88 birthday coming up, they also planning for a honeymoon. When the Filipina was being interviewed all that she replied is that she not after the money and with the will of testament but instead she wants to take care of him and as a companion for the rest of their life, the woman also mentioned that they were already friends long time ago.

What's your say? As i was reading through peoples comment on that subject, there are good and much of bad ones. A lot we're saying, if only that woman is not Asian, would it there be any complaints or disagreements? Some said this kind of people are oppurtunist, scammers and after only to get an Australian visa. Another comment stated that the Filipina only after the money and send it back home to her family in the Philippines. As  a Filipina being an expat in Australia, even though we are in the same place woth the woman, I cant tell any comments or critics to her because i dont know what really the situation happening between them. If they both happy then let them be. I just dont agree much on people's comment where it seems like they are pointing it to general Filipinos just because of that story they've  seen on tv. What do you reckon?

Australia's Privileges and Benefits

You can't appreciate the beauty and nature of a place unless you've been to it, culture, government, its tradition and the people. Looking back few years ago, I've visited Japan for six months. It's a very nice place indeed, very respectful people, good food and the best I experienced were the adventure parks and most especially the snow which I've ever wished for since I was a child.
Australia was'nt  in my mind before and its love that takes me here. Anyway, a couple of years ago when i first arrived in this country, I have no idea what the place looks like. Remembering the day i came here it was spring, its kinda cold and sometimes warm, its just like having four seasons in a day. The grasses are green from the wet winter and the first thing I noticed was the area was so flat, not like in the Philippines where you can see hills and mountains. In here you can view the horizon 360 degress. I came here as a tourist for three months and i felt so welcomed. Austalia welcomes you whatever your color is, the county is a multicultural society some includes, Afghani, Muslim, Christians, Chinese, Filipinos, Indian, Turkey, Greeks and many more, so you wont feel lost and i felt i belong. 
Australia is a big country, and as an expat I have to familiarized the country basic governance, politics, service to people and everything. After my 3 months stay, i got my other visa that gives me an access to  some privileges and benefits that you could get while you were in this country. We get married with my husband Bill, then i got my temporary resident visa so quick and it gives me an opportunity to apply for a Medicare (it is a healthcare card that serves as a ticket to get free hospitalization in public hospitals, free doctor's consultation and laboratory exams). I was so happy the time  i received my healthcare card for I am about to due in giving birth to my twins. Australia took care of me like a mother even though my visa is not that strong enough, i can be deported anytime if i disobey rules but when i was starting here as a temporary resident, she paid for my hospital bills when i gave birth to my twins. She supported in financial aid to help sustain the needs of my little ones ( she gave $5,000 each baby after you give birth as a support) when  we got ill , she'd pay for doctor's fee and took care of us in her hospitals without asking any fee. She gives  free medical check ups, laboratory exams, and other treatments for free. She gives our children free education in public schools. When we go for a stroll and explore its countryside, she makes sure that we are welcomed. Her people doesnt mind our looks, you can't hear any criticism from its people to make sure we belong. She gave me new friends from its respectful people, she will embraced you like one of her 22 million children as one of them, that i can guarantee. If you need a helping hand she will sure you're in good hands. She makes sure that you are in a safe and fear free environment by strictly enforcing her laws anywhere. 
These are just some of the things i loved about Australia for my two year stay so far, many more to come and ill be posting piece by piece. I left my country home Philippines, and now I am in my second home Australia, I love them both.