Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Australia's Privileges and Benefits

You can't appreciate the beauty and nature of a place unless you've been to it, culture, government, its tradition and the people. Looking back few years ago, I've visited Japan for six months. It's a very nice place indeed, very respectful people, good food and the best I experienced were the adventure parks and most especially the snow which I've ever wished for since I was a child.
Australia was'nt  in my mind before and its love that takes me here. Anyway, a couple of years ago when i first arrived in this country, I have no idea what the place looks like. Remembering the day i came here it was spring, its kinda cold and sometimes warm, its just like having four seasons in a day. The grasses are green from the wet winter and the first thing I noticed was the area was so flat, not like in the Philippines where you can see hills and mountains. In here you can view the horizon 360 degress. I came here as a tourist for three months and i felt so welcomed. Austalia welcomes you whatever your color is, the county is a multicultural society some includes, Afghani, Muslim, Christians, Chinese, Filipinos, Indian, Turkey, Greeks and many more, so you wont feel lost and i felt i belong. 
Australia is a big country, and as an expat I have to familiarized the country basic governance, politics, service to people and everything. After my 3 months stay, i got my other visa that gives me an access to  some privileges and benefits that you could get while you were in this country. We get married with my husband Bill, then i got my temporary resident visa so quick and it gives me an opportunity to apply for a Medicare (it is a healthcare card that serves as a ticket to get free hospitalization in public hospitals, free doctor's consultation and laboratory exams). I was so happy the time  i received my healthcare card for I am about to due in giving birth to my twins. Australia took care of me like a mother even though my visa is not that strong enough, i can be deported anytime if i disobey rules but when i was starting here as a temporary resident, she paid for my hospital bills when i gave birth to my twins. She supported in financial aid to help sustain the needs of my little ones ( she gave $5,000 each baby after you give birth as a support) when  we got ill , she'd pay for doctor's fee and took care of us in her hospitals without asking any fee. She gives  free medical check ups, laboratory exams, and other treatments for free. She gives our children free education in public schools. When we go for a stroll and explore its countryside, she makes sure that we are welcomed. Her people doesnt mind our looks, you can't hear any criticism from its people to make sure we belong. She gave me new friends from its respectful people, she will embraced you like one of her 22 million children as one of them, that i can guarantee. If you need a helping hand she will sure you're in good hands. She makes sure that you are in a safe and fear free environment by strictly enforcing her laws anywhere. 
These are just some of the things i loved about Australia for my two year stay so far, many more to come and ill be posting piece by piece. I left my country home Philippines, and now I am in my second home Australia, I love them both.

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