Sunday, October 6, 2013

Falling in Love With a Filipina

Try to think of yourself as a forty something guy from Australia and that at the age of twenty you decided to marry a Filipina sweetheart after a great vacation in the Philippines. Your friends and perhaps even family members tell you that you are too young to marry and it will not last.

Ten years later the kids are taking over the home and your duties switch from lover to dad, and you work every day and every hour possible to keep the children safe and the house safe. Marriage is now a full time job, on top of your full time job. The job takes all, and the love of your partner is sliding down the scale. You have affection for her, but the love  and passion is going.

When the kids are grown up enough and they do not need you as much you are faced at shairng a home with a wife, who is not the person you married. And she has to do the very same thing. She watches TV and you potter around in the garden, the conversations are short and you realise that you may have fallen out of love with this woman and she may feel the same about you. The bliss of the early years are over.

You can get a divorce and after the messy finance settlements you go find another lucky woman and are free to start all over again.  Divorce is an option.

There no divorce in the Philippines. Imagine no divorce and being stuck in an unloving marriage, and maybe a very unpleasant marriage? What would you do then? If you are living with your new wife out of the Philippines ten a divorce is much easier to come by, of course paying for it is another story.

There is  divorce in the Philippine. Check further into the regional and national laws and there is divorce. There has been since 1967. Like anything hidden away there will be hurdles to jump through, but is that not better than staying for life in a prison with an unfulfilled marriage. 

So the moral of the story is to fall in love with the person and NOT what you think they can do for you to make life easier. Love is the only reason to marry- honest.

Article sponsered by Jeff Harvie of Down Under Visa

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