Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A wedding objected by everyone..
If your reading this article, you may have your opinion and thoughts at the end based on your point of view and judgement. I was watching a show in local tv pwogram with this featured topic where makes me interested to follow. An Australian guy, 87 years of age was engaged to a Filipina the time they first met. Straight away if you ask? YES. This is how their love story goes , they were introduced by  a friend at the coffee shop, i would say they may have love at first sight, in which i dont know, maybe yes. That day they laid upon each others eyes is where they get engaged too, the man proposed to the woman the same day. But Don and his bride-to-be said that their love is for real. Now the conflict begins, when this old guy has circles of friends who said to be concerned about him that he was being taken advantage or scammed by the Filipina woman, the said friends had spied everything he did with her fiance from shopping, withdrawing money from bank, eating out and every transactions they went to. The trouble kicks in when the man's circle of friends found out that he already made a will of testament that all his money and properties will be given to the Filipina girlfriend. Now this friends reported to this tv program who tackles current affairs, controversies and issues all about how they disagreed and showed concern to the guy. they reported so far that the woman moved to the man's house and brought a couple with her . So there it goes, the couple were interviewed by the program media reporters. The 87 years old man was saying he loves the woman and he will marry her whatever it takes on his 88 birthday coming up, they also planning for a honeymoon. When the Filipina was being interviewed all that she replied is that she not after the money and with the will of testament but instead she wants to take care of him and as a companion for the rest of their life, the woman also mentioned that they were already friends long time ago.

What's your say? As i was reading through peoples comment on that subject, there are good and much of bad ones. A lot we're saying, if only that woman is not Asian, would it there be any complaints or disagreements? Some said this kind of people are oppurtunist, scammers and after only to get an Australian visa. Another comment stated that the Filipina only after the money and send it back home to her family in the Philippines. As  a Filipina being an expat in Australia, even though we are in the same place woth the woman, I cant tell any comments or critics to her because i dont know what really the situation happening between them. If they both happy then let them be. I just dont agree much on people's comment where it seems like they are pointing it to general Filipinos just because of that story they've  seen on tv. What do you reckon?

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