Saturday, October 5, 2013

Trusting a Friend

It’s not that often that I have to have a moan about things in this country but recently I have been bombarded by so many examples of the lack of “trust” in people agreeing to pay what they owe, even if it’s totally clear.
One of my friends recently as given a job for two months on a weekly pay as a waiter. Remember he has NO money and this job allowed him to eat!!

After four weeks of working he was not paid and despite asking he was given many false promises of payments and many excuses. After asking for the eighth time he was asked to leave and he would be paid later that week.  He never was!!  Have you seen a man cry out of frustration and hurt, no money, no food?
This was a large national organisation here in the Philippines, and after SEVEN weeks still no payment at all, but many more promises. He was so desperate, and yet so polite to these people I asked if I could help?
He very reluctantly agreed and I made one very polite but VERY FIRM call and within five hours they made a payment , as I told them I would sit in the restaurant tonight and have a strong conversation with them until they paid, even if it was all night and even if customers overheard. They paid for sure but are still holding a deposit of p500!!!

I have from time to time been begged by friends here to assist with financial hardships and most times I say no, but I will assist with things that can make a long term difference like schooling or job help and advice, but sometimes when you see tears running down the face you give in and pay with their solemn promise of getting your money back. Needless to say you very rarely do and these people disappear.
Over the last few weeks I have been assisting a company with small consultation work and several times the money does not get paid or the person in charge does not turn up for an appointment. Yesterday after waiting two weeks for the overdue payment I returned to the office at an agreed time to discuss the plans and get the outstanding payments.

You guessed yet again NO SHOW; no answer to e mails no answer to text and no answer to missed calls.

The thing that is becoming very apparent is that this is not just a problem for the ex-pat, its ingrained into life here and thus employees are treated bad and they then have contempt for the employer. The circle continues, and continues to the point it is sometimes expected that you will not get a payment based on a promise, so the payment is taken in other means from an employer…THEFT.

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